Salem Docs

Be welcome!

Be welcome to Salem Finance, let me introduce you to the wonders of our Project. As you might know, we are a Yield Farming Protocol on Fantom and Cronos Network the team is composed by to simple parts, Developer and Community Manager/Marketing, you can get in contact with us on the Telegram group which will be our main communication media. Aside from that we know how important it is to have exposure on other social media, therefore creating a Discord community for our users, so you can talk, share and enjoy together as the coven we are.
Information flies just as we do, and there’s no better place to send quick pieces of information or even announcements than our loyal companion, no, not the crow, he’s retired, but we got a blue bird to help us spread the word.
As you know witches can be mediums sometimes, we might not talk to those who passed away but we can be a medium between the official commands of the coven and the Salem community, therefore you should pay attention to it!
But that’s not it, who says witches are not hot? Well, asides from burning of course, the point is, we also have a nice IG In case you wanna check it out!